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Last updated 11 April 2005
highly recommended - (c) = cassette

the afghan whigs - gentlemen
black love
aghast - hexerei in zweilicht der finsternis
alice in chains - facelift
jar of flies
bank heist
danny alkana - rock the bach
the allman brothers band - decade of hits 1969-1979
amen - amen
we have come for your parents
american head charge - war of art
the feeding
amorphis - the karelian isthmus
black winter day
tales from the thousand lakes

anathema - serenades (+ extra tracks)
pentecost III
the silent enigma
alternative 4
a fine day to exit
a natural disaster
antimatter - saviour
lights out
arcturus - asperia hiems symphonia
atomic opera - for madmen only
audioslave - audioslave
attention deficit - attention deficit
bach - various
beethoven - moonlight sonata
emperor concerto
the beach boys - pet sounds
beyond the flesh - what the mind perceives
black label society - stronger than death
1919 eternal
black sabbath - black sabbath
we sold our souls for rock 'n roll
blackstar - barbed wire soul
the blood divine - awaken
rise pantheon dreams
boingo - boingo
booth and the bad angel - booth and the bad angel
born naked - born naked
brad - interiors
doyle bramhall - bird nest on the ground
the breeders - last splash
the brides - dalmation car
buckethead - monsters and robots
jeff buckley - grace
candlebox - candlebox
carcass - symphonies of sickness
the peel sessions
reek of putrefaction
necroticism: descanting the insalubrious
tools of the trade

wake up and smell the carcass
carpe tenebrum - mirrored hate painting
johnny cash - giant hits
"rusty cage"
cathedral - the ethereal mirror
catherine wheel - happy days
celestial season - forever scarlet passion
christian death - the path of sorrows
stanley clarke - "between love & magic" (single)
cold - 13 ways to bleed onstage
convulse - reflections
chris cornell - euphoria morning
corrosion of conformity - wiseblood
covenant - nexus polaris
cracker - kerosene hat
cradle of filth - the principle of evil made flesh
dusk ... and her embrace (coffin box)
cruelty and the beast (+ bonus disc)
bitter suites to succubi
damnation and a day

julee cruise - floating into the night
cyclefly - "supergod" (cd-5)
cynic - focus
dick dale and his deltones - the best of dick dale and his deltones
tribal thunder
mike dalton - poker
danzig - I
II lucifuge
III how the gods kill

6:66 satans child
777 I luciferi
circle of snakes
glenn danzig - black aria
darkness enshroud - ancient kingdoms
darkthrone - transilvanian hunger [sic]
miles davis - kind of blue
dearly beheaded - temptation
death - individual thought patterns
deceased - the blueprints for madness
december wolves - wolftread (c)
til ten years
def leppard - pyromania

deftones - adrenaline
around the fur
white pony
(limited edition)
deicide - amon: feasting the beast
once upon the cross
desmond dekker - rockin' steady: the best of desmond dekker
depeche mode - people are people
music for the masses
songs of faith and devotion
songs of faith and devotion live
devilhead - pest control
dimmu borgir - godless savage garden
spiritual black dimensions
puritanical euphoric mysanthropia

alive in torment
death cult armageddon
disembowelment - trancendence into the peripheral (c)
disharmonic orchesta - expositionprophylaxe
disincarnate - dreams of the carrion kind
divinity destroyed - 4-song demo
nocturnal dawn
divinity destroyed EP
eden in ashes
the doors - the doors
dope - felons and revolutionaries
douglas leader orchestra - end
g minor versus swisher sweet
down - nola
nick drake - pink moon
dream theater - images and words
dusk - dusk
steve earle - I feel alright
emperor/enslaved - hordanes land
hordanes land (european version)
emperor - wrath of the tyrant (c)
a midsummer night's dream
in the nightside eclipse
anthems to the welkin at dusk
ix equilibrium
prometheus: the discipiline of fire & demise
enchantment - dance the marble naked
entombed - wolverine blues
eve's plum - envy
faith no more - the real thing
angel dust
album of the year
fishbone - truth and soul
bela fleck & the flecktones - bela fleck & the flecktones
ufo tofu
three flew over the cuckoo's nest
folk by association - folk by association
fred f. hopper - fast n dirty
peter gabriel - so
galactic cowboys - galactic cowboys
space in your face
the gathering - always ...
almost a dance
"strange machines" (single)
nighttime birds
gorguts - obscura
grave - into the grave
you'll never see ...
green jellö - cereal killer soundtrack
green river - dry as a bone/rehab doll
grey skies fallen - the fate of angels
grinspoon - licker bottle cozy
guide to better living
guns 'n' roses - use your illusion I
use your illusion II
gwar - america must be destroyed
hater - hater
jonas hellborg - the silent life
helmet - meantime
lightning hopkins - complete alladin recordings
blues masters
human waste project - electralux
in flames - colony
infectious grooves - the plauge that makes your booty move
sarsippius' ark
inner thought - worldly separation
inquisition - incense of rest
iron maiden - the number of the beast
live after death
a real dead one
chris isaak - somebody's crying
james - seven
wah wah
the best of james
jesus jones - doubt
katatonia - dance of december souls
kinetic dissent - I will fight no more forever
albert king - I get evil
hard bargain
the very best of albert king
king's x - out of the silent planet
gretchen goes to nebraska
faith hope love
king's x
ear candy
best of king's x
tape head
please come home ... mr. bulbous
manic moonlight
black like sunday
live all over the place
korn - korn
kovenant - animatronic
l7 - hungry for stink
laundry - blacktongue
1997 demo
life of agony - river runs red
soul searching sun
liquid tension experiment - liquid tension experiment
live - four songs
mental jewelry
throwing copper
secret samadhi
the distance to here
living colour - stain
lusk - free mars
machine head - burn my eyes
the more things change ...

the burning red
mad season - above
maleficarium - across the heavens
malfunkshun - return to olympus
the mars volta - tremulant (EP)
deloused in the comatorium
frances the mute
michael manring - thonk
the book of flame
mass psychosis - face
paul mccartney - flaming pie
md.45 - the craving
meat puppets - II
too high to die
you love me EP
meathook seed - embedded
megadeth - peace sells ... but who's buying?
rust in peace
countdown to extinction
hidden treasures
cryptic writings
dennis miller - the off-white album
ministry - the land of rape and honey
psalm 69
misfits - box set
moke - moke
monster magnet - 25 ... tab
spine of god

dopes to infinity
let it ride
god says no monolotic baby!
moonspell - wolfheart (digipak)
morbid angel - covenant
steve morse band - structural damage
mortiis - keiser av en dimensjon ukjent
mother love bone - mother love bone
mozart - eine kleine nachtmusik
my dying bride - as the flower withers
turn loose the swans
the stories
the angel and the dark river
the angel and the dark river
(double cd)
like gods of the sun
34.78% ... complete
the light at the end of the world
meisterwerk I
the dreadful hours
songs of darkness, words of light
ned's atomic dustbin - god fodder
are you normal?
nightfall - macabre sunsets
nine inch nails - the fragile
non-fiction - preface
in the know
old man's child - born of the flickering
the pagan prosperity
in defiance of existence
ozzy osbourne - ozzmosis
the ozzman cometh
down to earth
paingod - paingod
pantera - far beyond driven
paramaecium - exhumed of the earth
charlie parker - in a soulful mood
parliament - greatest hits
jaco pastorius - jaco pastorius
pentagram - first daze here (the vintage collection)
tom petty & the heartbreakers - greatest hits
pist*on - urine the money (c)
number one
number one
poundhound - massive grooves from the electric church of
   psychofunkadelic grungelism rock music
primus - sailing the seas of cheese
pork soda
tales from the punchbowl
animals should not try to act like people
roseland ballroom 11/25/2003
bonnaroo festival 6/12/2004
radio iodine - 4 song cd
rest in pieces - under my skin
graeme revell - the crow
busta rhymes - when disaster strikes
e.l.e. extinction level event
chris rock - roll with the new
saint vitus - c.o.d.
samael - ceremony of opposites
satyricon - nemesis divina
screaming trees - buzz factory
sweet oblivion
septic flesh - ophidian wheel
sumerian daemons
sepultura - nation
sevendust - sevendust
charlie sexton sextet - under the wishing tree
sinister - cross the styx
diabolical summoning (c)
aggressive measures
six feet under - haunted
skepticism - stormcrowfleet
skin yard - skin yard
skinlab - disembodied: the new flesh
slayer - seasons in the abyss
divine intervention
slipknot - slipknot
slo burn - amusing the amazing
sly & the family stone - greatest hits
smashing pumpkins - siamese dream
the smithereens - especially for you
a date with the smithereens
the smiths - the smiths
the queen is dead
hatful of hollow
snakefarm - songs from my funeral
snot - get some
soulfly - soulfly
soundgarden - screaming life/fopp (c)
ultramega ok
louder than love
alive in the superunknown
songs from the superunknown
black hole sun
fell on black days (single)
the rockview interviews
down on the upside
soundtracks - bram stoker's dracula
the harder they come
mortal combat
mulholland drive
the princess bride
pump up the volume
rock star
twin peaks
twin peaks: fire walk with me
spacehog - resident alien
stabbing westward - ungod
stone temple pilots - core

tiny music ... songs from the vatican gift shop
suisonic - uncensored
susperia - vindication
swervedriver - raise
mezcal head
system of a down - toxicity
ty tabor - naomi's solar pumpkin
moonflower lane
tchaikovsky - various
the tea party - transmission
temple of the dog - temple of the dog
testament - practice what you preach (c)
souls of black
george thorogood and the destroyers - the baddest of george thorogood and the destroyers
therapy? - nurse
hats off to the insane
infernal love
thought industry - mods carve the pig:
   assassins, tods and god's flesh
tool - undertow
truly - fast stories ... from kid coma
leslie's coughing up blood
type o negative - slow, deep and hard
the origin of the feces
bloody kisses
bloody kisses
even snow dies
october rust

"cinnamon girl" (single)
world coming down
"everything dies"
the least worst of
life is killing me
unit:187 - loaded
unleashed - where no life dwells
vast - visual audio sensory theater
music for people
stevie ray vaughan - texas flood
live alive
soul to soul
in step
the sky is crying
greatest hits
blues at sunrise
vaughan brothers - family style
v/a - aggro-active tuneup #1
awakening: females on extreme music
the blues story: volume 1
chamber music: neo-classical metal guitar
crash course: mammoth educational series fall 1997
fierce recordings sampler
firestarter: century black metal
flyin' traps
hitsville usa (1959-1971)
hitsville usa volume 2 (1972-1992)
identity II
identity five
in memory of celtic frost
music for the masses: a tribute to depeche mode
no alternative
none more black
ozzfest '97
peaceville volume 4
settling the d.c. score
velvet underground - the best of the velvet underground:
   words and music of lou reed
vivid - don't feel creative today
weather report - black market
this is jazz
whipping boy - heartworm
witchery - symphony for the devil
rob zombie - american made music to strip by
white zombie - la sexorcisto: devil music vol. 1
will haven - whvn
victor wooten - a show of hands
what did he say?
xibalba - eternal winter
zyklon - world ov worms